Local Advocates for Sustainable Oceanside Beaches

1 DelMar and  Harbor Beach.PNG

Oceanside Harbor

At top, we are looking at Camp Pendleton Del Mar beach. As you can see, to the north of the jetty, all the sand is on the beach. The jetty is working as a retainer (holding all that sand back) and to the north. Also, notice how our harbor beach sand is retained with our jetty. Now, going south (where we have no jetties or groins) our beaches lose the the point where we have no sand at all.


Carlsbad Tamarack and Warm Waters

Now, we are at Tamarack and Warm Waters in Carlsbad. Once again, to the north of the jetties the sand is retained.

2 Carlsbad Tamarack and Warm Waters.PNG
3 Coronado Beach.PNG

Coronado Beach

Jumping down to Coronado Beach, we see a groin that hooks out to retain the sand and creates a little wedge to the north. Speaking of the wedge, let’s go see what Newport Beach has done to preserve sand.


Newport Beach

Yes, those are all groins.

Notice the healthy, vibrant beaches.

4 Newport Jetties.PNG