Local Advocates for Sustainable Oceanside Beaches


City of Oceanside "Memorandum" October 9, 2018 (See " img-326182402-0001.pdf ")

SANDAG Report October 2001, Regional Beach Sand Retention Strategy, (See "SANDAG Report.url ")

Scripps Institution of Oceanography Report 1985 (See "InmanAndJenkins1985 (1).pdf ")

Noble Consultants, Inc. August 1, 1983 with letter dated July 19, 2013 (See ”Engineering Report Beach Protection Facilities Oceanside, CA.” )


Published Groin Articles

Gerrano/Gable, 10/16/2018, Shoreline Stabilization with Experimental Groin Field(s): Modular Adjustable Permeable Groins (See " “) study completed in 2011 - an alternative to conventional beach groin construction

Pilkey/Cooper, 8/30/2016,"Alternative" shoreline Efosion Control Devices: A Review (See " “) Review of alternative devices vs traditioal shoreline stabilization approaches

Science and Technology Committee, 1/1/2011, Reintroducing Structures for Erosion Control on the Open Coasts of America (See " “) White paper addressing the long hiatus of coastal managers reconsidering the inclusiion of erosion control structures wlong with meach nourishment and sand bypassing to maintain America's open coast beaches

Moffatt and Nichol, 3/1/2009, COASTAL REGIONAL SEDIMENT MANAGEMENT PLAN FOR THE SAN DIEGO REGION (See " “) Discusses costs with and without Sediment Management Devices

Griggs/Kinsman, 1/1/2008, California Shoreline Sand Retention: Existing Structure Performance and Future Potential (See “ “) Good overview of structures and

Jenkins/Inman, 6/20/2003, ACCRETION AND EROSION WAVES ON BEACHES, (See” “)

UCSD technical Report, 3/6/2003, Surfing Conditions Around Jetties, (See” “) Affect on Surf

SANDAG report, 10/1/2001, Regional Beach and Sand Retention Strategy, (See” “) Great study on San Diego beach sand issues & recommendations along with cost comparision of nourishment/groins. No environmental study included

University of California Press, 1/1/1984, Sea Cliffs, Beaches and Coastal Valleys of San Diego County (See “ “) Shows historic pictures of Oceanside Beach/strand during major storms with signifcant damage

Coastal Care website, 2/12/09, The Negative Impact of Groins (See “ “) Discusses the negative downdrift beach inpacts/implications of groin use

Beach Nourishment Articles

FSBPA National Conference, 2/6/2019, City of Encinitas, CA Cardiff Beach Living Shorline Project (See “ “) 5 year post install monitoring project.

Tyler-Wooldridge/Henter, 3/18/2016, Effects of beach replenishment on intertidal invertebrates (See “ “) Beaches that were replenished had only 48% as many invertebrates as control beaches after 15 months

Beach Sand News Articles

Phil Diehl, 10/13/2019, Oceanside to study sand retention (See “ “)

Warth, 8/22/2019, Lawmakers call for funds to stabilize bluffs (See “ “) Levin, Fienstien, Harris sign letter requesting funds

Sifuentes, 3/18/2016, Feds study beach erosion in Oceanside (See “ “) Initial study announcement by USACE

Structure Effects on Surf

UCSD Scripps Institution of Oceanography Technical Report, 3/6/2003, Surfing Conditions Around Jetties (See “ “)

UCSD Scripps Institution of Oceanography Technical Report, 3/7/2003, Catagorizing the Types of Surfing Breaks around Jetty Structures (See “ “)

Sea Level Rise

Mulkern, 6/18/2018, Sea Level Rise Will Threaten Thousands of California Homes (See “ “) Great Links to other articles in Climatewire

Mulkern, 4/17/2017, Rising Sea Levels will hit California harder than other places (See “ “) Excellent Links to other articles in climatewire

OPC-SAT, 4/1/2017, Rising Seas in California - An update on Sea-Level Rise Science (See “ “)


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(See "Surf, Sand, and Stone ")
Surf, Sand, and Stone: How Waves, Earthquakes, and Other Forces Shape the Southern California Coast, by Keith Heyer Meldahl

From the Inside Flap

“Meldahl takes the reader on a tour of coastal Southern California, deftly explaining its complex geologic history, coastal geology, surfing spots, and the processes that shape them. Richly illustrated and told with great humor and enlightening analogies, Surf, Sand, and Stone is easily accessible yet contains valuable resources for those who want to delve deeper.”—Mark Johnsson, staff geologist, California Coastal Commission “How refreshing to discover a book about Southern California’s complex geology that is written for those of us who want to learn, but who do not have a strong background in this field. I’ll take this excellent guide with me whenever I go exploring.”—Joan Easton Lentz, author of A Naturalist’s Guide to the Santa Barbara Region "Surf, Sand, and Stone is an entertaining and very readable explanation of the complex geology and oceanography of the Southern California coast. Meldahl must be an excellent teacher as he has a real gift for writing about complex topics in a comfortable, engaging, and fascinating manner." —Gary Griggs, Director, Institute of Marine Sciences, UC Santa Cruz


(See " The Edge ")
The Edge: The Pressured Past and Precarious Future of California's Coast by Kim Steinhardt (Author), Gary Griggs (Author)